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File Application of PHABSIM to the Gila River New Mexico
Report on application of PHABSIM to the Gila River.
File Gila River Fisheries Data Gaps Analysis
Gila River Fisheries Data Gaps Analysis report prepared by SWCA Consultants, Inc. in April 2017
File HDR Gila Fish Habitat Study
Presentation to the ISC on HDR's Fish Habitat Study.
File Normandeau_SWCA Fish Habitat Study
Presentation by Tom Payne on results from Gila Fish Habitat Study.
File Dr. Bill Pine - Population Viability Analysis (Gila Fish)
Dr. Bill Pine's presentation to the ISC regarding Gila fish Population Viability Analysis.
File SWCA (Dr. Mike Hatch) TNC Chapter 10 Review
Dr. Mike Hatch's review of TNC Chapter 10 as presented to the ISC.
File Assessment of Potential Impacts on Gila River Fish Species from Diversions Under the Terms of the 2004 Arizona Water Settlements Act - by SWCA
This report includes the results from fish physical habitat modeling and a population viability analysis for native Gila fishes.
File Gila River Fish Habitat Study Report (October 13, 2014) - by HDR Engineering
Final Report on Gila River fish habitat modeling.
File REVIEW: Gila River Flow Needs Assessment Chapter 10
This review was provided by Dave Ward and Jarvis Caldwell, both of HDR Engineering, Inc.
File REVIEW: Gila River Flow Needs Assessment Chapter 10
This review of Chapter 10 was conducted by Dr. Mike Hatch of SWCA Environmental Consultants.
File Habitat Simulation, Time Series and Population Viability Analysis (April 14, 2014)
This is a presentation by Ali Effati on the results from SEFA (PHABSIM) modeling, habitat time series analyses, and population viability analysis.