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Indicators of Hydrologic Analysis

This folder contains reports on characteristics of the Gila River's natural and potentially-altered hydrologic regime based upon the Nature Conservancy's Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration software.
File Gila River IHA Analysis 2013 October 30 Update DRAFT
This draft technical memorandum updates Deborah Hathaway's January 2013 Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration (IHA) analysis for the Gila River. Please submit any comments to David Anderson of the ISC at no later than November 20.
File SSPA Presentation of Groundwater/Surface Water Model and IHA Analysis
This presentation provides characterizing hydrologic conditions that may result from potential AWSA projects. The presentation discusses two analyses: 1) A process-based model of the near Gila River incorporating groundwater, surface water, agriculture, riparian vegetation, and other elements impacting the hydrogeologic setting, and 2) A statistical analysis of the impacts of potential diversions using The Nature Conservancy "Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration" statistical model.
File Analysis of IHA Software for the Gila River 2013 January 28
Analysis of "Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration" as a Tool in Ecohydrologic Assessment and Application to the Gila River Near-River Groundwater Zone
File 08/27/2012 - SSPA GW-SW-IHA Draft Scope Of Work
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