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Gila Watershed Data

This folder contains reports and data from the range of fields related to the Gila watershed.
File Summary of Existing and Relevant Aquatic Biological and Ecological Data (October 2013)
This report provides an overview of the existing and relevant biological and ecological data compiled for the Gila Watershed in southwestern New Mexico.
File Whitewater-Baldy Fire: Post-Fire Hydrology Study for the Upper Gila River Watershed (October 2013)
This is a report evaluating pre-fire and post-fire conditions in the Upper Gila River Watershed.
File Summary of Existing and Relevant Watershed Data (October 2013)
This report is a summary of initial data compilations and preliminary assessment efforts for AWSA support work.
File Literature and Data Summary and Data Gaps (October 2013)
This report is a summary and assessment of literature, acquired data, and data gaps for the Gila watershed in southwestern New Mexico.
Scope of Work (09/27/2012)
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