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Geotechnical Investigations - NM Unit

This folder contains documents related to geotechnical investigations for the NM Unit.

Geotechnical Technical Memorandum: New Mexico Unit Project - Gila River (RJH, June 2015)

The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) retained RJH Consultants, Inc. (RJH) to provide engineering services for a potential diversion structure (Project) on the Gila River, upstream of the confluence with Brock Canyon (Site). The purpose of this Geotechnical Technical Memorandum (Memorandum) is to present data collected from our geotechnical investigation at the Site and preliminary recommendations for the diversion structure foundation. The purpose of collecting the geotechnical data is to support evaluation of the feasibility of installing a diversion structure at the Site.

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Work Order Scope RJH GR-15-2: Participation in a Value Study for the NM Unit Project and Conducting Geotechical Testing Near Gila River (2015)

The purpose of this scope of work is to participate in Bureau of Reclamation's Value Study for the NM Unit Project, and conduct geotechnical testing near Gila River per US Forest Service's permit. The Value Study may be a precursor to the first design phase of the NM Unit Project. The geotechnical testing data would be beneficial during the engineering design process.

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