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AECOM Yield Model

Developed and provided by AECOM On October 20, 2017, pursuant to Task 16.2 of Amendment #2. The yield model you are about to access was created in GoldSim by AECOM pursuant to a contract with the Interstate Stream Commission (ISC). The model includes yield analyses for Gila, Mogollon, and San Francisco Rivers. The posted version is “unlocked,” meaning that anyone can access and modify variables in the posted version, if the software has been purchased by the user. However, potential users of the GoldSim model can download a free player from the GoldSim website. The Player is a free download that allows anyone to view and run GoldSim models. Please note that modifying any variable affects a number of calculations in the model. Neither the ISC nor AECOM take any responsibility for any results obtained by modifying any cell and/or input data in the posted version of the yield model. Modifications made by users have not been vetted by the ISC or by AECOM and are not part of the work product submitted by AECOM. To download the free Player, please visit:

AECOM_Gila_Reservoir_Routing_V1.50.gsp — Octet Stream, 5118 kB (5241081 bytes)

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