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Phase IIB

Notice To Proceed

NTP for Amendment No. 2 to AECOM contract

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Draft Report

Draft report produced by AECOM related to Amendment #2 (Phase IIB)

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Draft Mogollon San Francisco Diversion Technical Memo

Appendix D of the draft report: Mogollon and Spurgeon (Additional San Francisco) Surface Diversion Concept Development

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Draft Site Conditions Technical Memo

Hydraulic, Geomorphic, and Ecologic Site Conditions Observed for the Upper Gila, Mogollon and San Francisco Diversion Components. The final version will be included as an Appendix to the final report.

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Draft Diversion and Yield Modeling Technical Memo

Appendix E of the draft report: Upper Gila and San Francisco Surface Diversion and Project Yield Modeling

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