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Meeting Notification & Notes

SSPA Presentation of Groundwater/Surface Water Model and IHA Analysis

This presentation provides characterizing hydrologic conditions that may result from potential AWSA projects. The presentation discusses two analyses: 1) A process-based model of the near Gila River incorporating groundwater, surface water, agriculture, riparian vegetation, and other elements impacting the hydrogeologic setting, and 2) A statistical analysis of the impacts of potential diversions using The Nature Conservancy "Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration" statistical model.

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01/14/2013 Presentations and Proposals

At the January 14, 2013 Input Group meeting, the ISC hosted three presentations. The first was by the Bureau of Reclamations. Jeff Riley described activities to date of the BuRec efforts to assess AWSA diversion and storage proposals. The second presentation was by Intera Geosciences and Engineering. David Jordan described the results to date of a study comparing the relative water use of drip vs. flood irrigation. The third presentation was by the ISC. Helen Sobien described four AWSA proposals in the Mimbres valley.

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Meeting Protocol

Interstate Stream Commission / Arizona Water Settlements Act Protocol for Operation of the ISC-AWSA Input Group and Public Involvement

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Input Group Meetings

Input Group Meeting Notifications

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