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01/14/2013 Presentations and Proposals

At the January 14, 2013 Input Group meeting, the ISC hosted three presentations. The first was by the Bureau of Reclamations. Jeff Riley described activities to date of the BuRec efforts to assess AWSA diversion and storage proposals. The second presentation was by Intera Geosciences and Engineering. David Jordan described the results to date of a study comparing the relative water use of drip vs. flood irrigation. The third presentation was by the ISC. Helen Sobien described four AWSA proposals in the Mimbres valley.
File 01/14/2013 - NMex DIV and Storage Analy 4 Compatibility
Update on Reclamation Technical Support for the New Mexico ISC AWSA Activities
File 01/14/2013 - INTERA Deming ET
Analysis of Relative Water Use Between Flood- and Drip-Irrigated Fields Deming, New Mexico
File 1/14/2013 - AWSA Effluent Reuse Proposals
four AWSA proposals in the Mimbres valley
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