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Analyses of Surface Water – Groundwater Interactions along the Gila River, Gila-Cliff Basin (6/2010)

This study investigates groundwater-surface water interactions along the Gila River in the Gila-Cliff Basin of New Mexico (Figure 1.1) to support understanding of hydrologic conditions relevant to the Arizona Water Settlement Act (AWSA).

SWGW analysis of Gila River.pdf — PDF document, 84548 kB (86577943 bytes)

2001-2005 Water Use in Selected Areas of the Gila-San Francisco Basin (6/30/2009)

This memorandum presents historical survey and model estimates of consumptive water use in the Gila-San Francisco Basin.

2001-2005 Water Use_GSF Basin_20090630.pdf — PDF document, 121 kB (123946 bytes)

2009 Gila Science Forum (12/2009)

The general purposes of the 2009 Gila Science Forum were to identify, discuss, and recommend: (1) ways of determining the potential effects of flow modification on aquatic and riparian resources of the Gila River (including risks and uncertainty), and (2) how information gleaned from such efforts might be integrated to provide an ecosystem-based assessment of the effects.

2009 Gila Science Forum Report.pdf — PDF document, 27823 kB (28490848 bytes)

Arizona Water Settlement Act Town Hall (DRAFT REPORT) (2011)

This is a draft report that New Mexico First urged Town Hall participants to read prior to the Spring 2012 meeting.

AWSA Town Hall_New Mexico First.pdf — PDF document, 5192 kB (5316976 bytes)

Draft Technical Memorandum re: Gila River - April and May 2010 fieldwork (6/15/2010)

Tetra Tech staff conducted field investigations along the Gila River, New Mexico from April 12th through May 5, 2010. The work was implemented in a manner consistent with the Gila River Study Plan (March 4, 2010) which describes the study being undertaken by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (NMISC) and its consultants and collaborators. The field investigation included: (a) coordinating with the NMISC, collaborators and land owners to arrange access to monitoring locations along the Gila River; (b) drilling and constructing of monitoring piezometers near the river; (c) equipping the monitoring piezometers with pressure transducer / dataloggers in order to establish a long-term groundwater elevation monitoring network; (d) installing and equipping river stage gages at two monitoring locations; (e) completing a detailed site survey, including river cross-sections and piezometer and stage gage locations and elevations; and (f) associated field activities such as logging of subsurface geology, and piezometer development.

Draft Technical Memo_Gila Piezometers_TT_Gambora_20100615.pdf — PDF document, 39052 kB (39990101 bytes)

Estimates of Region-Wide and Deming Area Water Supplies (DRAFT) (6/30/2009)

This report summarizes work completed by Daniel B. Stephens & Associates for the AWSA supply and demand study.

Estimates of Region-Wide and Deming Area Water Supplies_DBSA_DRAFT_20090630.pdf — PDF document, 4484 kB (4591733 bytes)

Gila River Water Supply and Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions: Preliminary Assessment (6/2009)

This preliminary assessment reviews available geologic, hydrologic, and hydrogeologic information related to the Gila Basin.

Gila River Water Supply and Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions_Preliminary_SSPA_200906.pdf — PDF document, 87663 kB (89767826 bytes)

2009 Gila Science Forum (NOTES) (6/3/2009)

Notes from the 2009 Gila Science Forum held June 3, 2009, at the Global Resources Center Auditorium, Western New Mexico University, Silver City, NM.

Gila Science Forum Notes 20090603.pdf — PDF document, 374 kB (383148 bytes)

Gila-San Francisco Decision Support Tool Assumptions (9/18/2008)

The Gila-San Francisco Decision Support Tool is the product of a collaborative modeling effort which analyzed the water needs and supply for the Southwest four-county region.

GSF Decision Support Tool Assumptions_SNL_20081918.pdf — PDF document, 191 kB (196399 bytes)

Gila San Francisco Potential Modeling Scenarios (REVISION 2) (DRAFT) (8/18/2010)

Scenarios based upon workshop held February 18, 2010.

GSF Potential Modeling Scenarios_REV2_Sun_Tidwell.pdf — PDF document, 54 kB (55597 bytes)

Gila/ San Francisco Water Commission Desired Future Conditions

Submitted by the Gila/San Francisco Water Commission.

GSFWC Desired Future Conditions.pdf — PDF document, 20 kB (20635 bytes)

Digital Hydrogeologic-Framework Model of the San Francisco River Basin, West-Central New Mexico and East-Central Arizona (6/2009)

This study was funded by the NM ISC as part of the ongoing effort to improve geohydrologic models used in San Francisco River Basin.

Hawley et al Digital Hydrogeologic-Framework Model SF River Basin.pdf — PDF document, 20967 kB (21471033 bytes)

Technical Memorandum: Mimbres Basin Water Supplies (6/30/2009)

Memorandum from INTERA regarding groundwater availability in the Mimbres Basin.

Mimbres Groundwater Supply_INTERA_GR-09-1_20090630.pdf — PDF document, 1101 kB (1128149 bytes)

Regional Water Demand Study for Southwest New Mexico Catron, Grant, Hidalgo and Luna Counties (10/10/2010)

Report providing information on historical and current water demand as well as estimates of future demand in southwestern New Mexico.

Regional Water Demand Study for SW NM_AMEC_20101010.pdf — PDF document, 4598 kB (4709030 bytes)

Role of Gila-San Francisco Decision Support Tool in Special Study Framework (9/2008)

This document addresses the role of the GSF Decision Support Tool developed by the Gila-San Francisco Collaborative Modeling Team.

Role of GSF Decision Support Tool in Special Study Framework_200809.pdf — PDF document, 16 kB (17223 bytes)

Supply and Demand Correlation: New Mexico - Gila Basin - Arizona Water Settlement Act (12/2010)

Report summarizes work relating to geohydrolgical conditions and groundwater supply trends and issues.

Supply and Demand Correlation_USBR_201012.pdf — PDF document, 456 kB (467147 bytes)

Southwest New Mexico Catalog

This folder contains lists of regionally relevant publications organized by topic.

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Upper Gila Water Supply Study: Special Report on Alternatives (10/1987)

Summary of planning information on water supply alternatives for New Mexico under the Colorado River Basin Project Act.

Upper Gila Water Supply Study_USBR_198710.pdf — PDF document, 1480 kB (1516371 bytes)

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