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Recent files, documents, and links on NMAWSA
File AWSA Tier-1 Catron County Historic Water Rights
Making non-adjudicated historic water rights whole.
File AWSA Tier-1 Bayard Effluent Reuse
This project includes plant facilities providing tertiary treatment of wastewater effluent and distribution lines for effluent delivery. The purpose is to provide non-potable water for irrigation of public facilities, replacing and conserving the potable water currently used.
File AWSA Tier-1 Augustin Plains
The application is to fund a groundwater study to determine whether the approximately 244 square mile Augustin Plains basin provides substantial flows to the Gila River system. The magnitude and course
File AWSA Tier-1 San Vicente Cameron Creek
This proposal is for a feasibility study of water recharge for well fields in the drainage area of San Vicente, Twin Sisters and Cameron creeks using both natural precipitation and New Mexico Unit water. This would entail a study of availability, percolation and turbidity of water within the defined water sheds.
File AWSA Tier-1 Pleasanton-Eastside Ditch
Improve delivery of irrigation water to 24 users by decreasing conveyance water loss on 20,000 ft. Pleasanton East-side Ditch. Relining or inserting pipe into deteriorated concrete and dirt ditch.
File AWSA Tier-1 Grant SWCD Franks-Woodward
This proposal is for a feasibility study of water recharge for Silver City, NM well fields using AWSA water and natural precipitation. This would entail a study of percolation and lateral movement of water within the defined aquifer.
File AWSA Tier-1 GCC Wetland Restoration
Wetland restoration on the Gila River in New Mexico for water storage and flood control.
File AWSA Tier-1 GCC Municipal Conservation
Municipal Conservation to Reduce Net Depletions to Groundwater Funding to be provided through WTB to SWNM municipalities for implementation of municipal water conservation activities.
File AWSA Tier-1 GCC Domestic Wells
Purchase Unused Water Rights for Outside Domestic Use in the Gila-San Francisco Basin Project to be administered and implemented by the Office of the State Engineer and/or Interstate Stream Commission.
File AWSA Tier-1 GCC Diversion/Rosgen
Redesign/construction of Gila diversions using Rosgen-style cross vane diversions to improve efficiency of diversion and maintain instream flows in the Gila River. Project funding would be administered by ISC’s acequia program and provided to the GBIC or Grant SWCD--an arrangement similar to what was already contemplated by ISC in Miller Engineering Contract #7273.
File AWSA Tier-1 GCC Agricultural Conservation
Agricultural Conservation to Reduce Net Depletions to Groundwater Project to be administered by the Water Trust Board. SWNM irrigators to apply to WTB for funding of agriculture water efficiency projects.
File Workshop III
SW New Mexico Water Planning Workshop
File Workshops I and II
SW New Mexico Water Planning Workshop
File Gila River Science Forum Study
Power point summarizing the 2009 Gila River Science Forum.
Portal How to Manual
An explanation of how to use the New Mexico AWSA Portal.
File AWSA Proposal Tier 2 Criteria
Evaluation criteria for AWSA Tier 2 proposals for a New Mexico Unit or a Water Utilization Alternative.
File AWSA Tier-1 and Tier-2 Schedule
Critical dates for the AWSA Tier-1 and Tier-2 submittal process.
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