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Recent files, documents, and links on NMAWSA
File Notice To Proceed
NTP for Amendment No. 2 to AECOM contract
File Final Plan
Grant County Water Commission's final plan, approved by the ISC at its December 12, 2016 meeting. This plan is related to the Wellfield and Pipeline project proposal, proposed by GCWC.
File Gila River Fisheries Data Gaps Analysis
Gila River Fisheries Data Gaps Analysis report prepared by SWCA Consultants, Inc. in April 2017
File Draft Gila River Diversion Conceptual Assessment
File Kick-Off Presentation
AECOM's presentation presented to the NM CAP Entity on December 6, 2016
File 2016 Report on NM Unit Fund
Annual report on the NM Unit Fund to the Legislative Finance Committee and Interim Water and Natural Resources Committee for 2016
File Notice To Proceed
Notice To Proceed for amendment #1 to AECOM contract with the supporting documentation, including the amendment, scope of work, and Purchase Order.
File Final Phase I Report
AECOM's final Phase I: Concept Development and Selection Final Report (July 2016)
Reclamation's NM Unit Website
A Reclamation website has been created to provide background and current information on Reclamation’s involvement with New Mexico Unit activities. The site includes Reclamation documents and reports, Federal regulations, Reclamation public meeting information, NEPA products, and links to other related websites. Also, an email address was created to accept questions/comments from members of the public regarding the NM Unit process: .
File Draft Phase I Report
AECOM's draft Phase I Summary Report, submitted on July 8, 2016. The final report will be submitted by August 1.
File 7/11/16 Presentation
AECOM's July 11 presentation
File 7/1/16 Presentation
AECOM's July 1 Presentation
File AECOM 6/21/16 Presentation
File 6/2/16 Kickoff presentation
File GCC Comments
File Shirley
File Bill Turner
File 0004
File 0003
File 0002
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