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Grant County Effluent Reuse Projects

Gerald Schultz
Gerald Schultz says:
Jul 23, 2012 06:52 PM

I commented on this project a couple of weeks ago and hope that a "Project Timeline Is Being Kept", i.e., descriptions & comments of this project or any will be kept together. I hope and EXPECT my previous comments to be included with this work and not just "silently ignored. I want some "noticing" of my comments spoken to. Therefore, I reference, my previous comments on this project without restating them here. I will watch for ongoing work on this project.

Gerald Schultz
Gerald Schultz says:
Jul 23, 2012 07:17 PM

More Direct Comments Following from Reading the Work Plan: I assume the Kickoff Workshop will be made known - date and location for all concerned folks and not just a "selected few". //I expect to be sent the "emailed minutes". //I look forward to reviewing and commenting on the preliminary findings. I HOPE AT LEAST 30 DAYS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THIS INSTEAD OF A FEW DAYS BECAUSE OF TIME CONSTRAINTS. //Item 2 (g - i: It is important to consider the studies "in light" of the new component = a prolonged drought. //A lot of detail (probably more than what most people have time to comment on) is shown in the study/work plan; hopefully it will result in a concise study that most of us technical folks can review and comment on it in an easy manner. Otherwise, it appears to cover "all bases". //I WILL AGAIN REFERENCE MY PREVIOUS COMMENTS OF A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO.

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