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AWSA Proposal Evaluation Process

All proposals must meet a water supply demand in southwest New Mexico. To evaluate proposals, the Commission created, with stakeholder input, a two-tier evaluation process and panel. The panel is composed of a representative from the New Mexico Environment Department; the Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department; the Department of Agriculture; the Office of the State Engineer, and the Interstate Stream Commission.

At the November 22, 2010 ISC meeting, various stakeholders from southwest New Mexico presented proposals for developing water and accessing funding available under the 2004 Arizona Water Settlement Act (AWSA). Stakeholders were invited to submit their proposals to the evaluation panel. Stakeholders submitted forty-five applications in the Tier-1 process. Twenty-one of those applications qualified for Tier-2 consideration. Applicants submitted twenty applications for Tier-2 evaluation.

After initial consideration by the evaluation panel, the scores and comments were provided to applicants and applicants could submit a request for reconsideration, with justification, to the panel. After reconsiderations, the panel returned final scores to the applicants. The process of preliminary review, evaluations, reconsiderations, and final scoring was followed for both Tier-1 and Tier-2 evaluations. The evaluation criterion is appended.

The evaluation schedule has been updated as of June 13, 2012



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